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Why In The World Were Tuukka Rask And Jimmy Howard Not Allowed To Fight?

I’m on the record of saying one of my favorite things in hockey is when two goalies drop the mitts. I don’t know why, but it gasses me up. And last night we were deprived of a good ole fashion goalie fight between Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask and Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard.

The two met at center ice and tried to give it a go but were both grabbed by a ref and it was immediately broken up. This, after Howard was skating to the bench for a delayed penalty call where he was met with a little hack from Brad Marchand. Howard responded with his own hack and then that is when all hell broke loose. Next thing you know we got Tuukka Rask leaving his crease trying to square up with Howard.

If I’m Uncle Gary, the first thing I am doing is calling the Refs after the game and asking them what the fuck they were doing. Let the goalies go. Commissioners job is to get ratings. The highlights would be all over every major sports network and would even be remembered for years to come. Everyone remembers goalie fights. You’d be crazy to think this wouldn’t help ratings.

This blog would have been so much more fun to write if the two just squared up. It would of made me happy it certainly would of made Tuukka Rask and Jimmy Howard happy and lastly it would make the fans happy….and isn’t that what matters most?