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This Tyson Fury Interview Last Night About Mental Health Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

I didn’t really know much about either Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury heading into this week. All I had to do was listen to Fury’s interview with Joe Rogan to learn he’s a genuinally real dude. He’s gone through gigantic mental struggles and almost took his own life a few years ago. After his previous fight he thought he was going to quit the sport because he was so empty inside, despite constantly winning. Well, last night Fury put on a show and won me over. Everytime he put his hands up after a round I laughed out loud. He mocked Wilder throughout and although he got knocked down twice, he shoud’ve won the fight. Regardless, Fury after the fight was as gracious as they come. He didn’t care about the draw, he didn’t argue it once. He was just happy to survive the fight and to be able to go home to his family. This interview about how he did it all for people that struggle with mental illness is so fucking awesome. I love Tyson Fury.

Also after I hit publish on this blog I found this video of Tyson getting the press room to sing with him. This guy might run the world soon.