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Stan and John Need To Level With The Fans Or They Should Both Be Fired


Central Standings

It’s December 3rd. The Blackhawks have now dropped 4 in a row. They’ve given up 17 goals in their last 3 games. They’re now 3 and 11 under Jeremy Colliton. The power-play is worse. Stan has traded another former first round pick. Things have gotten MUCH worse since the firing of Joel Quenneville. It’s time for everyone to just tell the truth. Jeremy Colliton said it after the Winnipeg loss where he showed frustration for the first time. It’s time for management to do the same.

ALL along the Blackhawks brass have said that the reason they fired Joel Quenneville is because they felt they could get more out of this roster. John McDonough and Stan Bowman held a press conference and have done a media tour talking about how this is a playoff team.

That can only leave three possibilities

1) They’re lying

2) They’re morons

3) Both

IF Stan and John really do think that this is a playoff team then they clearly can’t identify talent properly and should be fired for that. If they’re saying that it’s a playoff team just because they think the fans are stupid and they want to keep selling tickets, well then they just fired the best coach in the NHL for no reason and Stan and John should be fired for that. If they had been honest with themselves and the fans and said “hey, last year wasn’t up to our standards. We are going to see what we have in some of our borderline young players this year, try to develope them, and then bank a ton of money and assets for NEXT summer which is shaping up to be a great UFA class so we can take one more serious run at this thing with Toews, Kane, Keith, and Crawford”. That is a plan and a message that I think not only the fans could get behind, but the leadership group too. You can see the frustration on their faces now.

The Blackhawks had a formula and a system with Joel Quenneville leading his best guys that worked. Stan fucked that up. People make mistakes. Stan has done some great things here, but he is more responsible than ANYONE for the current state of things. He says things like “he’s looking into the future”. Buddy…Keith is 35, Kane and Toews are both 30. The future is RIGHT NOW. Players like them don’t come around very often in the history of an organization. Stan loves talking about the future because he knows that he has three of the greatest players of the generation on his team and the present situation is a complete and utter cluster fuck. On Spittin Chiclets Stan said that the team isn’t the same group as they had. It has a lot of young players and a lot of inexperienced players. They needed a different skillset from the head coach to get more out of them. Great fucking idea, Stanley. Fire the guy who developed Toews, Kane, Seabrook, Keith, Crawford, Shaw, Leddy, Saad, Teravainen, etc etc etc and replaced him with a guy who you think might be able to get a little more out of David Kampf and Erik Gustafsson. What a joke. I am excited for Jokiharju, Mitchell, Beaudin, and Boqvist, and there is NOBODY better suited to bring those guys into the NHL than Joel Quenneville.

It’s always some excuse from Stan. It’s the salary cap, it’s the coaching, it’s trades that fans don’t understand, etc. Enough. You don’t need a PhD in hockey to know what happened here. So stop it. Just say it. Just say those three little words we all want to hear…”I. Fucked. Up.”.

Then we can all move on. But don’t tell me you’re innocent because it insults my intelligence.