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Mario Hezonja Dunked And Then Stepped Over Giannis In One Of The More Disrespectful Moves In Sports History

Today is an action packed day of sports. It’s conference championship Saturday for college football, it’s a bonanza of college basketball, there’s a giant boxing match tonight, but the biggest highlight of the day came from Madison Square Garden. Mario Hezonja, Super Mario, took it upon himself to take the Greek Freek and send him six feet underneath the ground. I’ve watched that dunk 50 times already and it just gets better and better. It’s one of the more shocking highlights I’ve ever seen. I mean I know Giannis is putting up NUMBERS this year, but you can’t give someone the MVP after Super Mario disrespects him like that. You just can’t. If you are Giannis you have to fight Hezonja right after this. Forget the game that’s going on, the Buck will figure this out without you, but you have to challenge Mario to a duel and murder him.

In classic Knicks fashion they immediately allowed the Bucks to go on a 13-3 run and unleashed a monster in Giannis. Pray for everyone.

That’s how you tank. Put a show on for the crowd and then forget how to play basketball. Knick up!