Danny Hurley Is Able To Get A Top-30 Prospect To Join UConn This Season, But Will He Ever Play?

Well, this is fairly massive news in the college basketball world. Akok Akok is one of the biggest recruits and there were questions about what he’d do in terms of going right to the NBA, committing to a college next year or doing just this. He announced that he’s going to UConn and enrolling at the semester break. However, he will be redshirting during the second semester.

Now, why is he able to do this? Well, he was attending Putnam Academy after graduating from high school. Instead he withdrew from Putnam and took his SAT’s this morning and is now able to commit to UConn.

Akok is a 6’10’ big that is a top-30 prospect according to 24/7 Sports. “Akok is a versatile post who impacts the game in a long list of ways,” 247Sports analyst Josh Gershon said. “He’s a player who has made serious strides over the last year. He has good size and length, is a plus athlete, can score facing up or in the paint, rebounds in and outside of his area and protects the rim.”

So now it ultimately comes down to whether or not Akok stays around next season. We’ve seen a guy do exactly this in Hami Diallo at Kentucky. Since he will be a year after graduation he is eligible for the NBA Draft. Now, Akok’s stock wasn’t as high as Diallo’s coming out, but there is a path for him to go to the NBA as essentially a none and done.

If Akok sticks around UConn for next year, Hurley has an absolutely loaded recruiting class coming in. He already has Jalen Gaffney and Jams Bouknight solidifying the backcourt and would add Akok as a big.