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It's A Dick In Your (In)Box: Unsolicited Wiener Pics Could Soon Be Criminalized

According to

“…three New York City councilmen introduced a bill on Wednesday that would criminalize digitally whisking your dick photos to anyone who doesn’t want to see them…”

Councilmen Joseph Borelli, Donovan Richards, and Justin Brannan are co-sponsoring the bill, which would make it illegal “for a person to send an unsolicited sexually explicit video or image to another person with intent to harass, annoy or alarm such other person,” according to the proposed legislation.

Those found guilty of so-called cyberflashing would face up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $1,000 if the bill becomes law.

This is the first time I’ve heard the term ‘cyberflashing’ and what a delight. It’s rare but every now & then I get a dick in my DMs & much like the lone ‘sup’ I don’t understand it, but at least I have a name for it now. Has that ever panned out for anyone? I’ve never been surprised by the photo of a small, crooked dick with bad wallpaper & dirty sheets in the background & felt the slightest bit interested or turned on.

In this case one of the main things they’re targeting is AirDrop. Depending on the settings anyone with iPhones within range of each other can drop photos of whatever they want. Sometimes it’s funny stuff but a good amount of ladies (and I’m sure this happens to men, too) have reported getting dicks dumped on them. It seems to be a big transportation time killer.

What kind of morons would do something like that?

Oh. Well if you’ve still got a baby dick I guess you have to use someone else’s.

Oh. Don’t let the doorman hit you with dick pics on the way out.

Anyways, I think the biggest issue here is that creeps out there could be sending things to kids. If you’re a parent I’d be checkin’ those settings.

As for me, I’ll bravely keep mine open if only for the sad excitement of it all.

But man, woman or whoever does this weird stuff – I won’t be upset in the slightest to see them held accountable for it.