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Kourtney Kardashian Is Freezing Her Eggs And I Have One Simple Request

In the upcoming episode of KUWTK Kourtney is discussing freezing her eggs and the mood swings that came out of it. When this was filmed Kourt was still dating Younes and he probably thought she was doing that for him. Step aside Younes. Kourtney is almost 40 years old and was just taking precautions in case she ever wants to have more children. Considering she has the cutest kids on the planet that makes a lot of sense.

Here is my one request. Super simple. If Kourtney decides she wants more kids, Scott Disick MUST be the biological father. I don’t care if Scott is still dating Sofia Richie, those two could even be having their own children at that point…just hand over the sperm. Keep it as medical as possible if you need to. Even if Kourtney gets a new boyfriend who wants kids, I hope he’s ready for the sperm donor to be Scott. I understand this could complicate some things but the proof is in the pudding. Look at these angels. The Kardashian/Disick combo is confirmed success.