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Zack Greinke's No-Trade List Pretty Much Says He Has Zero Interest In Winning Baseball Games

I always find no-trade lists fascinating when they get revealed. Seeing Zack Greinke’s made me think one thing: the dude has zero interest in winning a World Series championship. Zero. First of all, thank god he ruled out the Yankees. That was the last thing I wanted this offseason. It has been well-documented how Greinke has bad anxiety and hates talking to the media. Putting that guy in New York would be a fucking disaster. Sure, he’s an awesome pitcher, but it just would never work in pinstripes unfortunately. Seeing the Yanks name on that list gave me a great sigh of relief. I wouldn’t touch his issues and contract with a ten foot pole.

Now to the rest of the teams on that list, it’s pretty clear this guy just wants to avoid winning for the rest of his career. It’s stunning, but I guess for a guy with anxiety issues you can’t fault him too much? That’s just who he is. Where’s the best landing spot for him? Probably somewhere like Pittsburgh where they pretend to contend but just fall off the map in September. He has three years left on his deal, paying him $32 million per. Have fun trading that contract, Arizona.