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A Woman Was Allegedly Denied Free Beer At A Deli And Rationally Reacted By Creating A Goddamn Blowtorch With A Can Of Hairspray

NY Post- A flame-haired hothead wanted free beer from a Philadelphia deli — and when she didn’t get it, she torched the joint, video released by cops shows.

The mayhem erupted Nov. 20 inside the Wyncote Beer Deli around 10:30 a.m., when the woman wanted beer — but had no dough to pay for it, deli owner Yang Lin told NBC10. When Lin refused her request, the woman got angry and hurled glass at him, Lin said. “I said, ‘You need to get out of here.’ You know? She was more angry. She seen me go out, so she wanted to fight me,” Lin told the news outlet.

That’s when the fiery woman whipped out a can of hairspray from her pocketbook and ignited the solvent with a lighter, surveillance footage released by the Philadelphia Police Department shows. The woman used the hairspray can as a torch, spewing fire through an opening in the front counter and burning items on the counter, according to authorities.

Gotta be honest here, this one is pretty tough to defend. I could see melting a cashier’s face off if they didn’t say thank you after you paid them or if they forgot to give you a straw with your iced coffee. Even being rushed to putting your buffet food on the scale can make the most sane person’s blood boil. But turning into Hank Scorpio with a can of hairspray because the person didn’t want to give you free beer seems a tadddd on the aggressive side. A free water or 99 cent Arizona tall boy Sure. But beer is the most premium item you can buy at a deli outside of some top shelf boner pills. If ol’ Yang gave this chick a free beer, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be coming in looking for a free brewski. Now I get that there is nothing worse than going to the store and realizing you don’t have any money right as you were about to buy the product that would solve all of life’s problems for a few minutes. That walk back to your apartment seems like an eternity then you have to turn around just to get back to the bodega where this nightmare started. But maybe try the barter system or the time-tested rip and run instead of turning a can of hairspray into a firebomb that is just as likely to engulf you in flames as it is the random schmo behind the counter that has the gaul to ask for money is a capitalist society.