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Korean Mayor Gets Egged In The Face After Relocating Baseball Team


Changwon mayor Ahn Sang-soo is pelted with an egg by councilman Kim Sung-il during a council meeting on Thursday in Changwon, South Korea.



YES! Yesterday we had the Ukrainian guy getting thrown in a dumpster and today we have this. Korean mayor getting egged in the face because he moved a baseball team. Like I said on the rundown I know in the back of my head that these places are ultimately fucked up and have major major issues and that their political system is backwards and America is still a billion times better, but you can’t tell me there isn’t a small part of you that thinks this is how all political issues should be resolved. You fist fight, you throw people in dumpsters and you egg them when they move your favorite team. Could you imagine when Rahm was fighting with the rooftop owners if someone smashed his face with an egg? Who doesn’t want to see that? All political leanings aside, the drama is so great. Entertain me politicians, dance for me.