Hey Hu Ayi, YA FIRED




Hey Hu Ayi

Luckily for Hu Ayi, I hired her for her on camera presence, not her GPM (Goons[wrapped] Per Minute). If wrapping skills were the only factor I cared about, I would have fired her ass months ago. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering “Uhhh you sure you didn’t fire her months ago? I haven’t seen her in a video for ages.” Nope, Hu Ayi got a full-time job and hasn’t had much time to film these days. To be honest though, I think we needed some time apart. There’s a reason I call her “Hollywood Hu.” The fame was getting to her head. I already pay her like 4X her normal cleaning rates to film with me yet one time I asked her to meet me at this new filming location and she insisted on being reimbursed for the 50 cent subway fee. Diva city. Don’t worry tho, enough time has passed for her ego to float back down to earth so I’ll try to get her back in the lime lite as soon as possible. Gooned up season 3 on the horizon? We can only hope.