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End Your Workday With The Best Crossovers Of The Season


Alright let’s go! You made it through the hardest part, got to the end of the day Thursday and hopefully you’re just a little while away from freedom. Everyone knows Fridays are fake days and while this has been the longest week in the history of weeks, you made it to the homestretch. We’re at the point of the week where you’re already pushing stuff to Monday and already thinking about your weekend plans. With that in mind, allow me to help you get over the hump with one of my favorite videos on the internet.

You see, videos of dunks and stuff is cool and all, but there is nothing and I mean nothing like watching a crossover highlight video. Way more disrespectful, gets way more of an “oooo” and “ahhhhh” from the crowd, and when you get a good one there’s nothing quite like it. At least when you see a poster dunk you have a guy trying to play defense. But when someone gets crossed up it’s just a complete basketball murder. You survive a poster dunk, I’m not sure you survive being shook to the Earth’s core. Has anyone seen Wesley Johnson? I didn’t think so. Well even though we’re just 20ish games into the season, that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fair share of ankle breakers. So sit back, hit play, and enjoy 12 minutes of sweet handles and broken ankles

Just one more day everybody, you can do it I believe in you. See you all tomorrow afternoon.