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Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne's New Music Video Is Just 4 Minutes Of Butts Jiggling Everywhere

I honestly haven’t even paid attention to the song to say if I like it or not because I was too distracted by the butts flying around everywhere. I love Lil Wayne and I do listen to Nicki Minaj’s music but my mind went elsewhere. Just a bunch of asses all different shapes and sizes doing what they do best. The song is literally called “Good Form” and I will say all of these ladies including Nicki Minaj have wonderful form when they twerk. I actually think the song focuses more on how guys eat girls out but I just wanted that noted.

Nicki says, “I tell him eat the cookie because it’s good for him, and when he eat the cookie he got good form.” Lyrical genius! Just Nicki and Lil Wayne talking about eating the cookie while Lil Wayne is surrounded by a bunch of dancing butts and Nicki opens up her legs with a big cookie in the back…


Well ok then. My favorite part of this video is actually when Lil Wayne says, “faded as fuck as always, hi mom!”

lilwayneThis is an actual picture of me and my sister after we smoke and then go talk to my parents.

If you got nothing else going on right now, enjoy this music video. I’m sure you probably will.