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Hold Onto Your Butts, It Sounds Like A Robinson Cano And Edwin Diaz Trade To The Mets May Have Legs

Mets fans staring at Twitter for the foreseeable future:

Alright, here we go! As the old expression goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire and I don’t believe Citi Field is currently engulfed in flames again. We first heard of this potential Cano deal a few days ago and Edwin Diaz being a part of it seemed like more speculation than anything. But based on this latest report, Diaz could indeed be included in a package to make taking Robbie Cano’s preposterous contract more bearable, which as a reminder is quite a beast for a guy that is still productive but past his prime.


There has also been talk about the Mariners eating some money while also taking Jay Bruce’s contract off the Mets hands, which would be good even though not signing him to that contract in the first place less than 12 months ago would have been even better. Again, as someone that has seen this type of deal blow up in his teams face as a Mets fan AND as a Knicks fan, I am downright petrified. Getting a young, dirt cheap closer that was lights out would be nice after watching every closer the Mets have had for decades now break down in the biggest of spots. However, I imagine closing games in front of the laid back Mariners fans in Seattle is a bit different than closing games in New York with Frank The Tank and #MetsTwitter ready to explode after every ball thrown.

That being said, I do like that Brodie Van Winklevoss isn’t trying to reinvent The Facebook. Instead he is looking for creative ways to add talent and exchanging bad contracts in order to make his team better even though they have cheap ass owners. Granted the only reason Cano is on the market is because Brodie Van Winklevoss the agent was really good at his job and got his client an incredible 10-year, $240 million deal as a 31-year-old 2nd baseman. So if Brodie the GM is as good at making deals as Brodie the agent, the Mets should be back in the World Series by 2020, absolute latest. And if he isn’t, we are just as fucked as Mets fans as we would be if Theo Epstein and Branch Rickey were running the front office since everything starts and ends with the Wilpons. But if Brodie really is serious about thinking outside the box, he should sign this kid putting on a Bryce Harper-esque showcase at the ripe age of four.


Giving up the 6th overall pick in a deal like this would be crazy, unless the Mariners are willing to eat more money. Then it would pretty much fall in line with everything we have seen from the Wilpons ever since Bernie Madoff swindled their dicks off.