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Video Surfaced Of Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott Pulling Off One Of The Most Diabolical Moves Announcing An Extension For Himself

[Oregonian] - In March 2017, during the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the conference staff was alerted that Larry Scott would soon make a major announcement.

There was about to be news. Big news, some thought.

Staffers buzzed in anticipation and speculated that Scott had finally closed the Pac-12 Network’s long-awaited distribution deal with DirecTV. Then, a video was distributed to employees featuring Scott, in a solo shot, with the Las Vegas strip pictured behind him on a green screen.

The big news? Scott announced that he was getting a five-year contraction extension from the Pac-12 CEO Group. Scott looked delighted. He informed his staff that they’d get to continue the work they’d started through 2022. 

So the reason I had to include the first video is because hilariously enough the Pac-12 pulled the video down off of YouTube. That’s because the Pac-12 has probably the worst commissioner in sports.

But how about this move? It’s absolutely diabolical. Everyone thought Larry Scott was going to announce distribution with DirecTV – finally giving some people in the country the ability to watch the Pac-12 Network. I’m not even kidding when I say the Pac-12 Network is the hardest channel to watch in the country.

So now you have everyone put together in a group, excited that there will be a bump in pay and more money for staff members. Instead it’s just Larry Scott announcing he got an extension and the money is for him. It’s straight out of a movie scene.

So now Larry Scott gets an extension as the Pac-12 gets left out of the college football playoffs again and basketball ain’t looking too great either. What a move. It might be the ultimate power move.