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Nike Starts Pulling Adrian Peterson Jerseys From Their Minneapolis Stores, Yes The Same Nike That Has Built An Empire On Child Labor





Ooooh look at you Nike. Way to take a stand. Can’t possibly endorse a guy who beat his kid. What type of savage would ever do that? He was 4 years old. 4 year olds don’t deserve to get beat, unless of course they fall asleep at their sewing machine after working a 20 hour shift in desolate conditions. Then they deserve whatever is coming to them. I mean who’s going to make all of our Nike gear right?



By the way, this just falls even more into my point about corporations and the NFL and everyone talking out of both sides of their mouth. It’s why you can’t possibly get outraged at Roger Goodell anymore. It’s all so expected. Nike wants to take a stand against the child abuser because it’s a bad look to have him endorse their products….which are made by abused children in sweatshops. Fake outrage city.





I still buy Nike clothes so I’m probably no better than Nike itself but at least I’m not pretending to take some invisible stand like they are. That’s the part that’s bullshit.