At Least Dominic Brown Is Chasing The Right Pitches On Instagram


Reader Email: Kirstenangst on Instagram

Domonic Brown trying to get in that ass. And yes, I highly recommend following her. Viva.


OK, Dominic. OK. You may only have 1 dinger in 35 games for a team that desperately needs their left fielder to be able to hit the snot out of the ball on a regular basis. But don’t forget you made an All-Star team and have limitless potential that only came out for 2 months in your entire career. So keep up the creep work, Dom. Whatever shortens the swing.

Expecting to get it in with smokes via Instagram when you’re batting .225 is almost as cocky as a reverse bat flip. Almost.

reverse bat flip

Also, I was going to post more photos of the first class biddy because it’s the civilized thing to do until we hit this roadblock:


How is that even legal? You can’t be throwing 100mph heat with ass shots and not share it with the masses. It’s like Ty Webb shooting 69 but not keeping score or playing for money. Not only a total waste of talent but inhumane.