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Shovel To The Head Video Gets One Upped By A Scooter To The Face

The sad part is the guy in red went about as beastmode as you can during the entire video except for the 3 seconds he was sideswiped by some 8-year-old’s/hipster’s best friend. Wait, no, the sadest part is at :39 when Rosie O’Donnell pummels and hogties a poor sap before he’s swamped by no less than 40 kids. Is there no honor among schoolyard fights anymore? Dude who threw the scooter should be tied up and vandalized, too. When you’re going to commit assault with a deadly weapon there’s no need to give it your all and crowhop from right field like Vladimir Guerrero.

Shovel to the head can take officially take a backseat. If things progress like they should next week we’ll feature a flying sledgehammer to the temple followed by 100 people curbstomping the dead body while World Star gets another day of free advertising. The future of America is looking brighter by the day.


h/t Chris