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Pete Davidson Is BACK On Instagram To Share Some Good News


Welcome back Pete! I for one am happy that Pete Davidson has returned to Instagram. I’ve been hot and cold in the past on Pete Davidson but right now I am fully on board. Not only is he back on Instagram, but he’s back to let everyone know that he will be seeing them at the Sundance film festival.

‘Big Time Adolescence’ is a movie starring Pete Davidson, Jon Cryer, Sydney Sweeney and more and it has officially made it to the Sundance film festival. ‘Big Time Adolescence’ is a coming of age moving about a HS kid who receives guidance from a charismatic college dropout. Before I read who was playing who I automatically assumed the charismatic college dropout was Pete. That’s exactly what he screams when you look at him/listen to him. Pete Davidson is charismatic and as much as I have tried to deny that in the past I think it’s time we just accept it.

This all honestly makes me feel happy for Pete. With the breakup between him and Ariana plus many other things, Pete Davidson gets shit on regularly. Some may be warranted, but not all of it. Ariana Grande is the biggest pop star in the world right now creating hits left and right and all Pete Davidson had was SNL. Now the movie he starred in made it to Sundance and things are on the up and up for Pete.

How long until he deletes his Instagram again? Probably a month.