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Two MILFs Each Get OWIs After Drunkenly Switching Places In The Car While Being Followed By A Cop

milf 1

milf 2


Iowa Press-Citizen- Police say two women each face charges for drunken driving after they both drove the same car Saturday. A Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to Highway 1 near Solon at about 5:50 p.m. Saturday for reports of a Mazda that was speeding and crossing over the center line, according to police complaints. Police say 39-year-old Jennifer S. Volesky, of Mount Vernon, was driving erratically along Highway 1 into Solon before stopping at the Dairy Queen on Prairie Rose Lane. It was at that point that 28-year-old Marion resident Heather L. Heaton, who had been a passenger in the car, of which she is the registered owner, took the wheel while Volesky moved to the backseat, according to police. Heaton and Volesky have each been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a serious misdemeanor.

Listen, I’m not condoing drunk driving here but there are a few common sense ground rules if a person (or people in this case) decides to be a moron and get behind the wheel after doing some boozing.  I’d say the #1 rule is to not look suspicious.  Pretty simple.  Or at least you would think.  Not simple for these two ladies apparently.  You have to assume they knew they cop was following them because why else would they switch?  But the very fact that they knew the cop was following is the reason not switch drivers in a Dairy Queen parking lot.  That was their first wrong move.  The second part is a matter of loyalty.  This might be even more important than the first part.  Again, operating under the assumption they realized a cop was following them, Driver #1 has to take the hit and stay loyal to the passenger.  Simple as that.  You have to bite the bullet and realize you’re going to jail.  Not only realize it but accept it.  One OWI amongst friends is better than two OWIs.  Otherwise you end up in a situation like this.  Driver #1 can’t take the heat and thinks that if they switch places the owner of the car will get the OWI and not them.  Too bad that’s not how it works.  Instead both drivers get arrested and everybody loses.  If I’m Driver #2 I’m really questioning my friendship with Driver #1 after this ordeal.  No loyalty es no bueno.

PS- I called them MILFs in the title and I think I stand by it but I’m not positive about the blonde.  The brunette is a no-doubter.  Her mug shot could be a head shot it looks so good.  Actually, yes, the blonde is too.  That’s my final answer.  Sorry for any confusion.