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$100k To Stay In A Dark Room For 30 Days? Sign Me Up!

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There’s a new prop bet that popped up in the poker world this week- an unnamed player has put his $100k up to someone else’s $100k that he can stay in a dark room for 30 days. And honestly, it seems like a home run. A no-brainer. $3,333 a day to not leave my dark apartment and not have to talk to anyone? Are you serious? That’s something I’d volunteer to do for free!

Now, obviously there are some caveats.

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It gets better!!! They provide all the food you need and vitamins? That is a better life than I have now.

The downside though:

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A paddleball and Rubik’s cube is a weak offering. I wouldn’t expect TV or Internet or anything like that, but if I’m stuck in a room like that, I want to at least get into shape. Give me a Boflex or something. Go into hibernation doughy and poor, come out jacked and rich. Would be an all time come up. A paddleball ain’t gonna do it. Definitely have to negotiate for at least 1 piece of workout equipment.

Besides that though, I think I could do this pretty easily. Sleep 12 hours a day, work out 3 hours a day, shower 2 hours a day, and fill the other 7 with cooking, jerking off, and a little bit of boredom. But I think you can definitely make a nice routine out of it.

Here’s the main reasons I think I can do it:

– The amount of sleep I can get in a day should not be underestimated. I’m an incredible sleeper. If it’s dark, my eyes get heavy and I doze off. I’ll fall asleep in a movie theater during an action movie.

– I’m used to no human interaction. When we used to work from home I could go days without speaking to another human. Sometimes I’d start saying words out loud while I blogged just to hear noise.

And the main reason:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.26.18 PM

I already have all of that! And now I can get paid to? What a dream!

Yeah maybe by day 20 I’d start losing my mind, but uhhhh, Earth to Matilda, I already have lost my mind. 30 days in isolation isn’t exactly going to put me over any more than I already am. $100,000 for 30 days of my life is worth it.