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Today In "French Twins Go On Vacation"

I’ve recently learned of these identical twins. They are French. Their names are Pauline and Mathilde. Mathilde is a very French name. But anyway, they love taking vacations. I’m not sure what their careers are, probably something in IT, but it allows them to take plentiful amounts of vacations. Lucky! But it can get tiring. I mean, here’s Matilde, wiped out after a long day of travel.

And here’s Pauline, equally as exhausted!

Sleepy heads!

They recently took a trip to the Bahamas. Mathilde loved the white sand beaches, the local cuisine, and the beautiful sunsets and scenery


I assume they will have to get back to their jobs and responsibilities soon, but their vacation seems like it was a lovely, lovely time.

As a humble public servant, I will closely monitor any and all future vacations.

Thank me for my service.