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Duke Is Back On Their Bullshit

Last night this Duke team was playing games with a 5-1 Indiana team. For the nine people that read my preview blog of the game, I said I was only worried about one person and it wasn’t their future top 5 pick Langford. I wasn’t worried because he was a non factor and he couldn’t get anything going against the long defense of Duke.

No human should be able to jump this high but we were blessed with his talent and it surprises me every time I watch. They shot 52% and the only thing this team needs to work on is their half court offense. When they can’t get fast break opportunities and you can tell it is a little bit of a week spot and RJ Barrett keeps driving the basket when the shot clock is winding down. Besides that this team is unstoppable.

The thing that people aren’t talking about is the bench players that are playing out of their minds. They know their roles and they couldn’t be playing any better. Jack White is a monster on defense, I mean look at this bastard protecting the rim.

If we can give Zion or Barrett a break while Jack White and Bolden are swatting people left and right, I get jacked up just talking about it. Bolden didn’t do much yesterday but everyone picked him up. Duke gets a little break and are playing some shitty teams until December 20th against Texas Tech. If you haven’t bet on Duke to win it all yet, you are missing out on easy money.