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Decapitating A Player Only Gets You A Two Week Suspension In Austrailian Rules Football

(For clearer video that wasn’t shot with a toaster: CLICK HERE)

Aussie Rules Genius – Jack Viney got 2 weeks for his hit. Against the same MRP, how many would this guy get?

Holy blast off. 2 weeks? That’s it, 2 weeks? That’s almost inhumane. Führer Goodell would send one of his workers to prison for 2 years for leaving their feet like that. Jack Viney launched off from Cape Canaveral with intentions of going to the moon with that hit.

For as much shit as we give pussy Europeans and soccer players overall, Rugby and Aussie Rules Football players may be the toughest motherfuckers in the sports world. If this guy’s brain is still connected to his spine you better believe he’ll be back out there as soon as they find all of his teeth.