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Dear Confused, You Are Dating the Definition of a Bitch Boy

OK, I’m here to give some unwarranted advice. It’s insane how many people have been hitting up callherdaddy.com to tell us crazy sex stories, ask for dating advice, or just want to vent! Although a lot of these are answered on the Call Her Daddy podcast, I’m going to address this particular question here…

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I was drunk one night and told the guy I was dating that I used a vibrator, watched porn, and was into 3somes. He GHOSTED me and told his friends I was too wild. Am I wild or is this guy a fucking pussy?

Sincerely, Confused

Dear Confused,

So let me get this straight. You told your man that you’re sexually vivacious, and your willing to double his amounts of tits and clits and not only did he turn you down, but he ghosted you?!? Girl, you are dealing with a grade a BITCH BOY aka pussy. The bottom line is that by ghosting you he did you a HUGE favor. Now before you get your feelings hurt, let me explain:  I believe that when it comes to love and dating, the key is to find someone that you are compatible with in most “key” aspects of life or it will simply not work and you better believe sex is one of those aspects.

For him to ghost you over your sexual interests means he is boring AF, close minded and why in the hell would a Daddy like yourself want to hang out with THAT…? That is why he did you a HUGE favor and since it probably wouldn’t have worked for either of you, a small favor to himself so he could just continue on with his sad little pathetic and (I bet) lonely life. Right?

Next we could discuss many other factors like, how many dates had you gone on?  Did you get belligerent drunk and bring it up on your first date as something you want to do all the time? Were you proposing a threesome with his sister? And a million other things but in short, for a man to ghost you because you like to explore different facets of your sexuality is bull shit but most importantly, shows he is not your cup of tea. I mean the poor guy was scared of vibrators…puh-lease.

And for the record, just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean your partner is obligated to fulfill your fantasy. If you are dating someone you should be able to express the things you enjoy in the bedroom and hopefully you both share similar interests when it comes to sex. Bottom line, this guy has no right to judge you. Let him continue to ghost you girl, you have real men waiting for you. -Sofia

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