Does This Look Like a Wedding Photographer Who Had Sex with a Guest and Peed on a Tree?

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SourceA wedding photographer in Texas was arrested while on the job after allegedly having sex with a guest and urinating on a tree.

Katie Mehta, 26, who goes by the name Max McIntyre for her business and swimsuit modeling career, was documenting a wedding at Parker Manor in Weatherford when the incident occurred. …

Mehta was reportedly having sex with a man from the wedding. When the officer advised her to leave, she went over to a tree and “began to urinate,” according to the report.

The photographer reportedly smelled strongly of alcohol and was found with a bottle of alprazolam, a prescription commonly known as Xanax used to treat anxiety or panic disorders, in her jacket, which the officer believed she was mixing.

After she was arrested, Mehta became belligerent and started yelling threats to the officers in the car, including: “Y’alls daughters are dead” and “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas,” WFAA reported. …

Someone identified as Mehta’s sister told WFAA the photographer told her family she had been given spiked drinks unknowingly while she was working at the wedding. She was also allegedly approached by two men who tried to “do inappropriate things.” After yelling for help, the situation “got turned around in a negative way,” the sister claimed.

I don’t know if Katie Mehta mixed booze and Xanas or if “Max McIntyre” is some alter ego that let’s her freak flag fly like Tyler Durden or what “LT” was to Lawrence Taylor or what. Maybe what her sister told the news station Katie told her family is true, and someone slipped her a Hot Cosby. All we do know for sure is that there is a lot of wrong to go around here.

Beginning with everyone. Wedding Crashers Rule No. 6 isn’t just for uninvited guests, it’s for everyone: “Don’t sit in the corner and sulk. It draws attention in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms.” Getting high as a lab rat, spiking drinks, having sex with the photographer, asking someone to do “inappropriate things,” peeing against a tree and threatening police officers’ families with death are all prime example of negative attention-drawing behaviors. On all sides. No matter who did what to whom first.

More importantly, the day is supposed to be all about the bride. The focus is all supposed to be on her. It’s why when my son was at Parris Island, the sergeants told them to never wear their uniforms to a wedding. Because it’s her day, not yours. Well how is anyone supposed to focus on how lovely she looks in the gown, how perfect her hair came out and how the flowers accent her eyes if Max McIntyre is there boning Cousin Jimbo from Fort Worth?

So while I can’t say for sure who did what to whom, but I think we can place the blame squarely on the bride for hiring a photographer who poses for her own photos like this. This thing was a disaster before it even started.

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Safe to say there’ll be lot of grooms looking to book her, but not a lot of brides.