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Kayce Smith Explains What Constitutes A Hook Up

Best Of Week 1 ^^^

Clancy and the Rockets AKA Clancy, Carrabis and Smith, AKA CCK in the Afternoon is off and running. We’re going on week 3 on Sirius XM every day from 1-3pm, but every Monday we’ll be putting out a Best Of podcast on the KFC Radio feed. The best segments and moments from our 10 hours the previous week boiled down into one 60 minute podcast, which is fucking money. Its guaranteed to be hilarious shit since we’re just cherry picking our highlights from the week. We also will be putting out a behind the scenes vlog, compiling footage before and after the show as well as during breaks to keep up with everything Rocket related.

Last week the big debate centered around what constitutes a hook up. A question that will forever be unanswerable. Too much subjectivity on the topic. Its almost like art. Everyone has a different view point. “I hooked up with her/him.” Does that mean sex? Does that mean oral? Do you have to be naked? Can you be vertical and hooking up? The CCK gang weighs in on the mystery of sexual semantics. Find out what Kayce calls a hook up on Clancy and the Rockets – Best Of Week 2 and check out the behind the scenes footage for that week on the vlog: