Jaren Jackson Jr. Is Just Like One of Us And Used To Illegally Torrent Everything on LimeWire As A Kid, Except He Got Caught By The FBI

As we all get older, the age of first year pro athletes stays the same and gives us all anxiety.  Enter Memphis Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson Jr. who was born in September of 1999. Growing up, Jaren tells us he was on LimeWire, Pirate Bay, and Kick Ass Torrents just like most of us, downloading all sorts of shit. Whether it was to illegally download new music, any new movie that was out, the Kim Kardashian sex tape (cough, cough) or pirate porn I’m willing to bet you’ve torrented something in your life as a kid, or still do as an adult.

You didn’t have to be some boy genius to figure it out, if I could do it then anyone could. There was always that tiny, tiny, minuscule chance the cops would catch you, but that was the thrill of it. You’d hear a story on the news here and there about someone who had to pay a huge fine and what not, or that guy who worked for that blog who downloaded pirate porn and launched an entire inter-company investigation. But odds are, you weren’t getting caught, especially if you clicked “stop sharing” once you finished downloading. The FBI has other shit to worry about than you downloading one movie. Well, Jaren Jackson got caught downloading some Family Guy and it’s the most I’ve ever related to an athlete. You have to imagine to get on the FBI’s radar he had to be doing a SHIT TON of torrenting. I respect it.

Hearing him talk about LimeWire brought back memories. I remember downloading the Kim K porn in 2007 and leaving my laptop on while I went to school so it would be done by the time I got home. That is shit my kids (God willing if I have any) will never go through. The world is different now and the prime days where everyone was on LimeWire are over. Those were certainly the days.

P.S. I wonder if the cops can get him in trouble for saying this publicly? Can I get in trouble? It was just a joke ;)