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Dorchester Apologizes For Sending Out "We're Dreaming Of A White Dorchester" Holiday Cards

I hate stories like this because everyone involved is so stupid it makes my blood boil and I hate boiling my own blood. It makes me even more mad that I can’t even decide who the stupidest party is.

For starters, obviously everyone involved in sending this card out is a moron. If you’re an adult person you should immediately think “Oops, that doesn’t mean what I meant it to” the moment “I’m dreaming of a white Dorchester” is said aloud or typed out. You just have to be a fool to not predict how it will be received and mocked on the internet.

But on the other hand, everyone who got mad about it is foolish too. You KNOW what they meant. It’s a VERY popular Christmas song, they’re sending out Christmas cards, connect the dots. Yes it doesn’t read well but they’re not dreaming of genocide, and if they are they’re certainly not advertising that, so instead of working yourself into a tizzy just think, “Man they really fucked that one up,” throw it in the trash, and move on with your life. You don’t have to be offended by everything, you can just forget about its existence and keep living. There is no law that states you must immediately make that fact that you’ve taken offense known to everyone in your social media circle. You don’t have to log in, you don’t have to tweet, you don’t have to demand an apology, you can just know that it was a screw up and carry on with your day. It’s so simple.

So, in conclusion, as always, fuck everybody.