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Malvern Prep Boys Got A Little Too Excited For Their Wing Bowl Senior Prank

READER EMAIL: Malvern Wing Bowl Senior Prank

Yo Smitty you wrote a blog earlier in the year about how Malvern Prep tried to ban senior’s from going to the wing bowl. Well the senior’s brought wing bowl to Malvern today as part of their senior prank. Heres the video.

All-righty then. Not too sure how this qualifies as a true senior prank, but that’s neither here nor there. Senior pranks? Obligatory. Wing eating contests? Acceptable. The Chinese Cirque Du Solei guy from Ocean’s 11 in a speed-o front and center with a bunch of dudes doing soccer chants and downing meat? Very, very questionable. Half expected a couple dudes to call each other gay then munch on celery and make out. Yes I know Malvern is an all guys school and you play with the cards your dealt with, but you gotta think ahead with the Prep’s dark diddlying past. Can’t expect all of the Priests to handle seeing a cute little Asian boy dancing round and without giving themselves a Penance of death. Or 20 Hail Mary’s to be forgiven and call it a day. Same thing.

You want to talk senior “prank”? In the 70’s two dudes from my alma mater got stoned off the bejeezus, went to the nearest graveyard, dug up a recently buried body and raised up up the high school flag pole. Seriously. Not cool, but that’s an urban legend that’ll stand till the end of time or when they get paroled. The former most likely before the latter.