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I Can Confirm Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson Scored 2 Goals (And Had An Assist) Vs The Islanders At Barclay's Center Tonight

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.59.17 AM

Earlier tonight I heard a rumor swirling that Tom Wilson scored yet another goal, this time vs the Islanders at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I jumped into investigating it, trying to get it confirmed, for it certainly could not be so that Tom Wilson had now scored goals in 4 straight games. But alas, it was true!

But then I started hearing ANOTHER rumor. You won’t believe it. I was hearing Tom Wilson, ahem, sorry, Stanley Cup champion Tom Wilson had scored yet another goal vs the Islanders at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I promised not to sleep until I confirmed such a rumor. So I hit the tapes. I searched up and down, near and far. As I vowed to do, I left no stone left unturned. And as it turned out, wouldn’t you know it, Tommy Playoffs potted a second goal behind Thomas Greiss, this time on the power play.

I even found this picture, which we have sent to the lab for authentication, of him celebrating after the 2nd goal.

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders

But my work wasn’t done yet. I took out my calculator and started doing some arithmetic. “If that’s 2 more goals tonight…wait plus an assist on Ovi’s goal…that means…ah yes…that means Tom Wilson now has 12 points in 8 games this season.”

Just incredible up and down investigative journalism by me. Natey Spotlight, as many are calling me. Rest assured, we can all sleep easy tonight.