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Wake Up With J.T. Snow Saving Darren Baker From Getting Steamrolled At Home Plate
I feel like this never really gets talked about in "WHAT THE FUCK" moments in baseball. Game 5 of the 2002 World Series and we had the Giants clobbering the Angels. This was the World Series where Barry Bonds hit a MONSTER home run that still hasn't come down, but that wasn't the main story. The main story was Dusty Baker's 3-year-old son, Darren, was a bat boy for the Giants during the season and during this Kenny Lofton triple, decided to kind of hang around home plate during the time that J.T. Snow and David Bell were coming to score.
You can see in the video that the runners didn't know if the ball would be gone, off the wall, or caught, so they had to hold up. Once it hit off the wall, Snow sprinted home where he made the one handed scoop of young Darren while he was twiddling his thumbs at home. Bell scored soon after and could have steamrolled Darren. J.T. was out here scoring runs and babysitting in a World Series game.
How about Dusty Baker letting his 3-YEAR-OLD son walk about an MLB dugout and baseball field with no real supervision. Could you IMAGINE if that happened today and Alex Cora had his nephew or someone skipping around the field, old sports writers would love their minds. Add this to the list of "Things I wish Twitter was around for." Quite a moment we almost had here, and what a grab by Snow who scooped him up and then let him go along his way.
Hey Dusty, maybe keep your child on a leash or make sure he's not trying to play in the dirt when there's a game going on.