Jon Jones Swears He's Clean THIS Time Around Because He's Being Tested By The Same People Who Tested Lance Armstrong! Wait What?

Hey Jonny Bones. Newsflash for ya – Lance Armstrong is probably the most famous person to literally ever cheat the drug testing system.

And he wasn’t even caught via testing, he played USADA his entire career and was caught via investigation.

So when Jones tells Max Kellerman, who already isn’t buying his “I have no idea HOW steroids got into my body!” schtick for the thousandth time, that USADA “doesn’t make mistakes” and wouldn’t have ever cleared him if he wasn’t clean, while we ALLLLLL know he took a deal to become an informant for them…that’s just insulting everybody’s intelligence, and making him come off like a braindead moron. He also compared himself to Jesus Christ himself on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show today while playing his redemption/sympathy card again, with zero self-awareness whatsoever.

I truly have no idea how Jon Jones has a single fan. I don’t care that he’s the greatest fighter to ever step foot in the cage – which he IS. He’s the pound-for-pound most unlikable as well. Excited for y’all to gloat it up in the month between him winning the UFC Light Heavyweight and him being stripped of it just like last time.