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We Have NASA Employees Giving Electric Handshakes And Cumming Their Pants As NASA Lands A Spaceship On Mars

Houston, we have swagger dripping out Uranus! To be honest, I thought NASA was dead as a doornail a few years ago after they lost some funding, Elon Musk started shooting junk into outer space, and that Space Military stuff started flying around. Nope, it turns out NASA was just trying to figure out a better way to reach the kids. Back in the 90s, Space Camp and Astronaut Ice Cream were what moved the needle. Now it’s going viral thanks to videos with pre-arranged goofy handshakes out of an NBA intro and moments like this guy creaming his pants over something happening up in the cosmos.

I know the handshake is what’s going viral right now. But this guy losing his mind/load and acting like he just saw Thanos land on Mars was a much purer internet moment. And in case all this wasn’t enough of a win for NASA, being a nerd is no longer a stigma in 2018. In fact, if you tell people you don’t like Game of Thrones or Marvel movies, you may be the one getting shoved into a locker. Now lets keep the NASA propaganda train rolling and get lost in our feelings during the Apollo 13 landing scene.

Reminder that Ed Harris is the NASA GOAT with a better celly than any real nerd could ever come up with.