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The Blake Bortles Era In Jacksonville Is Over

I have mixed emotions. I love Blake. He’s hilarious, loves Barstool, gives us access and is a good person. He embraced Jacksonville unlike other quarterbacks who have been drafted here and really gave a shit about the city and the fans. He took Jacksonville to within a play of the super bowl last year and no one saw that coming. But because of that, expectations were higher this year and the team didnt meet them. Lots of excuses for that fall off exist. They’ve had injury after injury on the offensive line. The WR didnt develop the way that they thought it would. Marqise Lee went down in the pre-season and Allen Robinson is flourishing in Chicago. Cole is regressing and the wheels are fully off on this once Super Bowl favorite who is now 3-8. Shitty.

Seeing Blake struggle this year has sucked. As a Jaguars fan, it was brutal to watch. They didnt trust him, his mechanics went backward, and this was really the only move the Jaguars could make. In fact, they probably should have made it earlier.

It’s Cody time, I guess.

Does anybody have some good links to some mock drafts? Need a quarterback who is gonna be there at around pick number 7.