Chris Thompson Returning On Monday Would Be, In A Word, Huge

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I was encouraged by what we saw Thursday vs the Cowboys. I love what Colt can do with this offense. He was zipping the ball over the field, turning Doctson into a pro WR, getting Reed involved, showing life of a real NFL offense. But the running game was non-existent. Peterson has been hit or miss this year- some games looking like the All Pro RB he can be, other games getting completely shut down. Since that 149 yard game vs the Giants, he’s had 17, 68, 51, and 35 yards, with the Skins losing 3 of those 4. So obviously getting Thompson back would change everything. They can commit more to the run, it gives Colt a new weapon, and most of all, if he can stay on the field, he’s reliable and can change the game and tilt the field on a moment’s notice.

The NFC East has quickly become a 3 team race. Yes, I’m including the Eagles still. Because if the Eagles win on Monday, and the Cowboys lose to the Saints, we have 3 teams sitting at 6-6 atop the division. The Skins have the easiest remaining schedule of the 3, but the Cowboys are surging and the Eagles are still the defending Super Bowl champs. Hopefully Thompson is the piece we need to win on Monday and finish the season off strong, winning the East and having a home playoff game.