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Shout Out To This House That Synched Up Their Christmas Lights To SICKO MODE

It’s finally that time of year. I don’t wanna shit on Thanksgiving but Thanksgiving sucks and is nothing but a speed bump on the way to Christmas. You can tell me I’m wrong but I’m right and deep down you know I’m right too. People try to make the case that Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday but it’s not really. Someone on Twitter the other day said that Super Bowl Sunday food is better than Thanksgiving food and I’ve never read something so correct. People have this view of Thanksgiving like it’s a top-tier holiday and it’s not. I’m sorry but it just isn’t.

Anyway. This blog isn’t about rightfully hating on Thanksgiving. This blog is about how we’ve now reached the time of year where Christmas lights and Christmas music and Christmas cheer can finally be on full display without shame. It’s hands down the best time of year. I walked into Barstool HQ this morning and our very own Buddy the Elf (AKA Office Manager Brett and Spider) had decorated the office with Christmas decoration and guess what? It put every single gentile in a better mood. That’s the power of Christmas. So shout out to that house that has the SICKO MODE-themed Christmas lights. That shit was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. I like that you can pair the song up with the lights from your car. That’s a nice wrinkle. Christmas is widely seen is as the best holiday and that is a correct opinion. It’s not even an opinion, it’s a fact.