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Kawhi Leonard Responds To Pop To Try And Make Us Think He's A Human And Not A Robot

So yesterday I talked about Gregg Popovich saying that Kawhi wasn’t a leader but the Spurs obviously miss his talent. It’s the exact sort of pettiness that we’ve come to know from Pop. But, this is about Kawhi and something I’m not too fond of.

Kawhi is trying to convince us he’s a real human. I mean he responds here and actually talks. He doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion but you can tell he’s annoyed by the comment. Robots shouldn’t have feelings like that. If that’s not enough, he got his first technical in the regular season of his career.

But, this is setting up exactly how we all imagined. Both parties still not thrilled with each other but two guys that won’t say it directly. It’s all responses and subtle shots. It’s the exact type of passive-aggressive behavior that I can get behind.