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Tis The Season: Week 13 Takeaways

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.31.59 AM

This is the weekend we’ve been waiting for all season. Something to make it all little more chaotic. Something exciting. And folks, we got it.

The 2018 regular season is officially in the books and here were the biggest takeaways from rivalry weekend:

1. There is finally a legit argument to be had for the #4 spot in the CFP

Thanks to Michigan getting their dicks kicked in at the Horseshoe, we actually have some questions about what the playoff could look like. It’s safe to say that Clemson and Notre Dame are in. And I think Alabama is in even if somehow hell freezes over and they lose to Georgia. But what about that last spot?

Oklahoma and Ohio State both have one loss. Who has the more impressive resume? Worse loss? Bigger win? And what does happen if Georgia beats Alabama in Atlanta? I can’t fathom a world that the CFP leaves out Bama in that scenario for the Buckeyes or the Sooners. I think we’d see another 2 SEC team playoff and everybody’s heads would explode.


2. Speaking of Michigan, The Game was BRUTAL.

We had an awesome live CFB show that consisted mostly of Dave, Dan, Tommy and I talking shit about Urban Meyer and getting a lot of boos. In fact, a “Fuck Dave Portnoy” chant broke out. It was the epitome of a great rivalry game show in the middle of Big Ten weather. But at the end of the day, the joke was on Michigan.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.36.51 AM

Sitting next to Dave at the game was quite a sight to see. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen somebody who talks that much shit be so quiet for that long. What a horrendous display of football that was. The #1 defense in the country all season got shellacked by Dwayne Haskins and company. And the Michigan offense was more predictable and old school than I’ve seen in a long time. “Run, run, pass” is ingrained in my head. It was mind boggling how bad Michigan looked.

So, what happens to Jim Harbaugh? Say what you want about Urban Meyer, but he can coach in big games. And now Michigan has lost 14 out of the last 15 to Ohio State.


2. The A&M/LSU game is one of the best college games of all time.

Spare me the “there wasn’t anything on the line” shit. It was awesome. 7 OTs, a premature Gatorade shower, really uhhh interesting officiating, the most points ever scored in the FBS… etc, etc. It was awesome drama.

I woke up with some fury yesterday and wrote a blog about bitching about officiating. Look a W is a W is a W, no matter how hard you bitch. Deal with it.

Also – I’d like to go on record and say that the Steve Kragthorpe situation is awful. As an Aggie, there is ZERO excuse for that.

3. The Pac 12 is officially dead for the playoff.

Turns out Washington State wasn’t actually ready for the big time. Sure, the snow allowed Washington to play it’s style. But Washington State isn’t as good as we thought. .

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.34.40 AM

The Apple Cup buried the chances anybody from the Pac 12 is playing for a national title For the millionth time, cannibalism at it’s finest.

4. Roll, Alabama. Roll. 

The Iron Bowl looked like it may be fun for like a grand total of 10 minutes. Alabama ROCKED rival Auburn and Tua Heisman showed out with six total touchdowns. (Sorry Kyler Murray, but this is Tua’s world). Alabama is now third team since the AP poll started 1936 to win 12 games in a season by 20 plus points.

That’s good, right?

5. Tis the season for the coaching carousel 

Kliff Kingsbury is out in Lubbock. (And somehow Mike Leach is rumored to back there?) Mack Brown is reportedly on his way back to UNC. Clay Helton is APPARENTLY staying at USC (which makes no sense). Colorado needs a coach. What’s going to happen at FSU? Are there any surprise names hitting the market?


 6. Championship Games:

SEC: Alabama/Georgia
Big Ten: Ohio State/Northwestern
Big 12: Texas/OU (Rematch baby!)
ACC: Clemson/Pitt
Pac-12: Washington/Utah


Shout out again to Columbus for a good time. It wasn’t a great game to be sitting the Michigan family section when they were getting their ass kicked, but the environment didn’t disappoint.