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Was Jacoby Brissett's Throw To Andrew Luck That Led To Luck's Shoulder Getting Drilled Into The Turf The Dumbest Play In Colts History?

Look, I love Frank Reich. I thank God every night that Josh McDaniels backed out of coaching the Colts so Reich could leave the Eagles for Indianapolis before I cry myself to sleep while thinking about the Giants. But you cannot have a play where Andrew Luck even has the option to jump and catch a ball before being slammed on his surgically-repaired right shoulder anywhere near the playbook. You rip that page out and bury it like a football. You wanna make Luck more than a decoy or create an Indy Special where he catches the ball on the run? Fine. But you can’t have your franchise quarterback going up top like Randy Moss before getting piledrived into the turf and potentially leading to another 2 years of stories about which size football Luck can throw.

I mean I can’t hate the play too much since Brissett and Luck were the ones that audibled to Luck getting the pass and Brissett had a chance to turn himself into a starting quarterback again while also picking up a first down. And I realize Luck was fine and probably said “Nice hit” in his weird monster voice to Reshad Jones before leading the Colts to victory. But as someone who roots for a team in Quarterback Purgatory that also enjoys watching Andrew Luck play and all the Captain Andrew Luck tweets that go along with it, please don’t ever call the one play that allows an NFL defensive player to legally drive your franchise quarterback through the Earth’s core without a penalty being called.

And yes, 50% of the reason I wrote this blog and 100% the reason I wrote the headline like that was obviously just so I could include the truly worst (or some would say best) play in Colts history.