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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Mondays - Griffey Goes Top Deck With His 8th Homer In 8 Games

What a way to enter the record books. Griffey was looking to homer for the 8th time in 8 games, and boy did he ever. Off the top deck in a monster moon shot. This ball was absolutely pissed on and a no doubter. Ken hits it and begins his trot, just another day at the office for him.
This swing wasn't like his other ones that I've seen, most of his swings look real calm and like he's not trying. He looks like he wanted to swing out of his shoes for this homer. IDK if I've seen him swing harder than this. Even if he didn't really swing hard this ball was gone, he put a monster swing on it and absolutely got all of this one.
With this homer, Griffey tied Dale Long and Don Mattingly for most consecutive games with a homer. 8 in a row is insane. I don't think we'll see that happen again just because the pitcher in that 7th or 8th game won't let the hitter see a pitch to hit out, that's just how it goes now. No one wants to be the answer to a trivia question. Griffey spanked it to tie the record.