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A Lot Of Drinking And Public Sex Went Down At The Piazza Over The Weekend

PHILLY – Angry Northern Liberties say intoxicated teens urinated on their homes and had public sex in front of their children during a wild block party over the weekend. NBC10’s Denise Nakano reaches out to the event organizer for answers.

(Link to video here if it didn’t work)

Hmm. Maybe we need to make our way down to Northern Liberties more.

Hey, I’d be perturbed if kids were drinking, having sex and pissing on my garage, too. But don’t blame the people. They’re just doing what they have to do. If the Piazza doesn’t have the facilities for women to relieve themselves they’re going to have to pop a squat outside behind your Volvo. Simple laws of nature. Maybe they shouldn’t have been having sex in the alleys but we’re only human. Shout out to the dude caught on camera railing it out in public, was asked to leave and STILL kept going another 40 minutes without budging. The Piazza must have been serving a lot of Whiskey during the concert to get the dick that rambunctious.

PS – Ginger Mom of 2 can get it and then some.