You Aren't A True Soccer Hooligan Unless You Smuggle Flares Into The Stadium By Strapping Them To Your Child

We can debate all day long about how good/bad of a parent this mom is for taping what are essentially fire sticks to her child, making the kid one stray cigarette away from turning into a Roman Candle. But you simply cannot deny how great this woman is as a soccer hooligan. Suddenly NFL fans that use their kids to smuggle in booze seem like huuuuuuge pussies compared to this lady. Cheering for your futbol team goes well beyond getting liquored up and screaming DE-FENSE. You aren’t a diehard footie fan unless you have the opponent and even your own team scared of you potential burning down the stadium if the match doesn’t turn out in their favor. That’s a true home field advantage. Say what you want about flopping soccer players and their “beautiful” sport. But soccer fans are a group you do not want to go to war with. Literally.

UPDATE: Jesus Christ.