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Report: Mike Ditka In Hospital After Heart Attack

No no no no. Don’t do this to us, God.

Five wins in a row with all the good Bears juju in the world rocking for us right now, the last thing we need is for anything bad to happen to the coach. At the same time though – if you think one little measly heart attack is going to take down Ditka you’re outside your damn mind. I’m surprised he even went to the hospital to be honest. Ditka’s the type of guy that feels like he’s having a heart attack and then just pops a couple Tums to move on with his day.

In all seriousness though – we wish Coach Ditka a speedy recovery. We love ya Coach and hope to see you at Soldier Field for a playoff game this January.

P.S. – Something tells me Ditka probably isn’t the nicest guy to his nurses. Just probably gets mad as fuck when they come in to take his blood pressure.