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Chael Sonnen Was Just Straight Up Having His Own Roast Of Chuck Liddell And Tito Ortiz Last Night


Late last night, as what I’d believe to be a combination of tryptophan and alcohol began to really kick in for The American Gangster, it seems he settled in and decided enough WASN’T enough when it came to his disparaging of tomorrow night’s Liddell/Ortiz pay-per-view event. He wanted to get a few more licks in…annnnd let’s just say those licks happened to be some of the most ruthless ground and pound shots in the history of mixed martial arts, with no referee in sight to step in and stop the contest.

First, he tells the gang that’s saying they’d consider two hundred thousand pay-per-view buys a failure that they’ll likely do about nine thousand buys. Then, he roasts the quality of the fight. He then moves onto the fighters themselves, and says that Chuck Liddell’s open workout was the first time he’d ever seen a person lose a shadow boxing match. Boom, roasted. Chael then goes off on a bit of a tirade about how the two are has-beens, how they’re neither “good” or “mixed martial artists” let alone good martial artists, and then delivers the most utterly ridiculous, savage 1-2 of the whole rant…


If I’m Chuck Liddell I don’t know what I’ve got left after that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Iceman. I really do. He was one of the first fighters I ever knew, because of his pro-wrestling-esque aura. But Chael just dominated both your brains and your braun. And your ability to draw. Or be entertaining. Like…fuck. He said Chuck had the coordination of a stuffed animal. That’s just about the meanest thing I’ve ever heard.

I’m sorry to have to say it Chuck, but unless ya prove Chael wrong in some way, shape, or fashion, here – this stands as a TKO.

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