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Here's Your One Stop Shop For All Black Friday Fights!

“Please be considerate while shopping this Black Friday and turn your phone horizontal while filming the fights!” – Every super witty and even more original person on Twitter

Ah, yes. Black Friday. The only day of the year where you can actually see humanity devolve in real time. In the defense of savagery, where else can you fight to the death at midnight on a work evening for a TV that’s regularly priced at $299, was jacked up two weeks ago to $499, and now is on sale for the low, low bargain of $329? My point exactly. Above we have a stampede not seen since Mufasa lost his life in the ravine. And, to be honest, it’s pretty tame out there so far. Have people actually Amazon and/or civility? Below we have the Black Friday madness accumulated so far. Enjoy.

And we even have a Canadian Black Friday riot straight out of Hades. Sorrey.

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