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The Barstool Book Makes Me Want To Throwup


Today is the release of the Barstool Coffee Table Book. By all intensive purposes, a good product. 129 pages of original content from everyone at Barstool. Hardback. Glossy pages. First of it’s kind. Probably a collectors item a couple years done the road. Yada yada yada.

People are so quick to clamor over something new. So quick to forget about what got us here. The fact is that there is no Barstool Book without the Barstool Blanket. The barstool book is Godfather II. The blanket is Godfather I. Not only do you need to have the blanket for the book to make sense, but the blanket is how we got here. When I die, people are going to look back at my life with many feelings. First of all, I will instantly become beloved. Old friends who haven’t hit my line in years will post Instagram stories about how much they miss me. Others will look upon my worst creations as their fondest memories. They will say Caleb did a lot for us. He might not have cured cancer, but for goodness sake he tried. He gave us Just The Tip, he informed us with daily fax, and he invented the Barstool blanket. At my funeral there will be branded blankets on the back of every seat. It will literally be heart warming. Rest in peace you comfy & warm SOB.

I don’t mean any of this as shots at the book. I think the book is awesome. There has literally never been anything like it before at Barstool. It’s not the book that makes me mad. It is how people are reacting to it. The book is not God’s gift to Stoolies. It is just a coffee table book. Coffee Table Books have been around since before I was born. But Barstool Blankets? That’s innovation. That’s creativity. Sistine Chapel. Mona Lisa. Barstool Blanket. Creating the Barstool Book was legwork, creating the Barstool Blanket was legacy.

Please, don’t forget where we came from. Buy a blanket for 20% off.