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Amari Cooper Broke Out The Markelle Fultz Hot Potato Free Throw TD Celebration And It Was So Good Even Fultz Liked It

It’s crazy to think that a few weeks ago we would have all laughed at the mere thought of Amari Cooper clowning another potential draft bust during a touchdown celebration. Yet here we are. Cooper lighting up the Redskins and Fultz on Thanksgiving with Markelle being able to laugh at getting roasted on national TV. Sure you really don’t have a choice when everyone in your family and the internet is laughing directly in your face. But at least Fultz was smiling on the outside, even if there was some serious pain behind his eyes which will probably lead to Fultz trying to kick the ball into the basket the next time he ends up at the charity stripe. But at least for one day, everyone in America got to laugh at Markelle Fultz’s broken shot together as one big family, which is what the spirit of Thanksgiving is all about.