I May Be Mad At The Celtics Right Now But This Kyrie Commercial Is Awesome

I know football is on but I saw this get RT’d onto my timeline and I figured there are some Celts fans out there that are looking for anything positive in regards to this team right now. Well, this commercial did the trick for me, and maybe it’s because my previous life comes from the advertising world. Nike knocked it out of the park and who among us hasn’t played a little one on one with our Dads. I’m sure they all looked just like this 1 on 1 matchup (at least in our heads). Personally I loved the appearance of the classic Kyrie Fuck You Three, as well as some defense, something Kyrie has been committed to playing so far this season, so that was great to see.

But also, we can’t avoid reading in between the lines as well. What better place to play than on the Garden floor? You’re right Kyrie! There is no better place (whenever they stop playing like assholes). You want to be the reason nobody ever wears the #11 again? Well that means you’re for sure going to have to sign that extension now doesn’t it. Glad we can continue to add things like this to the “Kyrie is definitely staying” column. And sure, maybe they filmed this before the Celts decided to tank, but I’m going to ignore that for a second.

This commercial also reminded me of the time during my first few days when I was at ASU and me and my Dad snuck into Wells Fargo arena and walked down to the court to shoot around. Papa Greenie hit his first jumper from the FT line and immediately ended the session talking about how he still had it and was just as good as his UConn playing days seconds before we were kicked out. Classic Dad move I had to respect it.