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I Have No Idea How The Bears Just Won That Game

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What the fuck just happened? That was one of the weirdest games I have ever watched. First half was AWFUL. Offense couldn’t move the ball, flags everywhere, any momentum changing play seemed to get reviewed and overturned, just a typical Bears in San Francisco half. Then like a light switch, Cutler got SMOKED on a hit, B-Marsh caught an acrobatic touchdown to close the half and the D somehow held the Niners to a field goal on a marathon second half opening drive. It was a different team in that second half. Defensive line ALL OVER Kaepernick. Fuller with two picks. B-Marsh with 3 touchdowns and Cutler. All the haters will have to stick a sock in it this week because that was a hell of a performance. Poise, toughness, leadership, that was everything everyone says Cutler doesn’t have. Just an unbelievable win, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word, I can not believe the Bears pulled that out. 1-1. When you looked at the first two weeks of the season you said 1-1. Well it happened in a backwards fashion but it happened. 1-1. Bear Down.





Willie Young Fly Fishing sack dance is so fucking awesome





Double PS


One bittwersweet part of this night. Peanut’s career may be done. Let’s hope he can come back but it was a bad scene on the sideline. Such a classy guy, such a great competitor. So hard to watch.


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